Do You Like HDR?

Shout-out to everyone who watched The Grid live just now. The twitter feed was amazing.
A lot of talk about HDR on the show today. Question to everyone was "Do you think HDR is cheating?"

Voice your option in the commentary here; 180 charters in a twitter chat is not enough.

My answer to that is that I don't think it's cheating. Here's the deal, you saw something you wanted to photograph, you photographed it and you made it cool. People are addicted to something that's "cool", so you make a bunch of your friends say "ahhhhhhh-nice".

I have nothing against HDR and the people who choose to make these images. It's your photograph, so do what you want to with it.

To others HDR seems to appear to be creative.
I think HDR is everything but creativity; it's the lack of creativity.
I'm curious to know your thoughts.

P.S. With all that said, I really don't care what you're shooting; it only makes me happy to know that photographers are out there shootin', bein' creative and hustlin' creatively!

DT. Tha Hustla

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