A Jewel Of Mine Was Exposed All Over Canada!

Stop being nasty you pervert (if you came here because of the headline)! They say that your jewels are your kids; my images are my babies. Remember the blog post I shared a few months ago about my travels to Mount Pleasant Fishing Lodge? (here) The photograph above was one of the ads from the campaign that was released and it ran as a full spread in Canada last week.

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LucĂ­a Rolo. said...

Damn! It's so cool! I wish I had the chance to publish any of my photos in the future. For the moment, I'm just an amateur self-taughted 17 years old girl, but, who knows, maybe in a few years... ;)
I'd love if you just could check my blog and leave me some suggestions or whatever!


Dwayne Tucker said...


I'm still an up and coming one as well! I've been at this for a min taking the long road there because I didn't find any short cuts as yet :) But if you love your photography stick to it be you and bring you to the table because the world doesn't see that yet :)

Thanks for passing by the blog! I hope be writing to you again on more comments! :)

Dwayne Tucker
Nassau, Bahamas | Miami, Florida

Views by Laura said...

I saw all the images about that photo shoot and they are really amazing!
the pic chosen for the ad is GORGEOUS!!!

Piril Maria said...

What a great post. Simply greatness! =)

♥ Love,

Bethany Struble said...

congrats! :)

Dwayne Tucker said...

Hey yall!
Thanks for passing by!

Btw - I checked out all of your blogs as well and gave them a follow! I like them.

We have some more exciting things to share. I hope I get to show more soon..time will tell :)

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Fashion Fifth said...

Love the photo! Great post

x FashionFifth