Your Portfolio Is Your Larynx

I'm wishing you an amazing 2012 and I'm hoping yours is off to a good start! There are a few things I'm going to be writing you in this post: The Miami Heat's good start, inspiration for my YachtLife readers and information on my up and coming project / clarification of my status as a professional photographer.

While talking about the new year, goals and all that jazz, it's only right that I give a shout-out to my favorite team from one of the city that I hold it down for, Miami, Florida, The HEAT! The heat is now at 7-1 beating the Hawks last night going into overtime 3x. The lesson from that game - when you want something bad enough, no matter how long it may take, stick at it, fight for it, do your best and if it's for you you'll get it. We had a good year last year and messed it up at the end so I'll just wait patiently until the last buzzer. I feel it stronger this year though!

YachtLife Fam,

Because your passion is your profession your life is a non-stop vacation. Dedication to your portfolio will keep it that way; always be creating. Other than having fun, making amazing nights followed by amazing hungover mornings, ordering room service breakfast, and checking emails by the pool, there are a lot more responsibilities, the major one that I'm speaking about today is your portfolio.

We must face it, the ordinary being will never accept our work for work because unlike them we chose to live our lives creating a path for ourselves different from the paths of the previous generations that tried to be force amongst us. Like that long ass sentence, it's super messed up but who gives a fuck.

All fucks should be given to letting your work speak for itself. The voice will develop when you're portfolio is stronger. In 2012 I want you to go crazy and not care what others think about you. I want you to push yourself to become better at your art while motivating others to do so as well. Work on building a stronger portfolio for you to be proud of.

The word is out now that I paused my title as a professional photographer to continue a career within the music industry; well, that's what should be out. However, the news that I'm hearing is that I've stopped being a professional photographer. I don't know if such thing is possible. If I didn't love it from the start (I did) ten years of shooting and spending time in Photoshop on the daily made me learn to love what I did, the love for it isn't going to fade over night and don't expect the love to ever go. I still get emails from clients and if the projects excite me I'll shoot.

My first mixtape, Somewhat Good Is Okay Volume 1, started to create to a little buzz for me as a musician. I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be. I were able to share that method of building your portfolio because it worked for me as a photographer and I plan to use that blue print for my music.

My second mixtape is written, Kid Smooth and I released one track so far from the mixtape, the introductory track titled S.G.I.O. The Intro, and the mixtape titled SGIOV2 (Somewhat Good Is Okay Volume 2) releases on the first of February.

I'm thankful for making it into 2012, thankful for my team and everyone that's YachtLife.

Until next time!

D. Tucker
Nassau, Bahamas | Miami, Florida | YachtLife