Patience In Photography and In Everything Art Related...

I spoke to a friend of mine earlier last week and spoke to him about patience; I recognized his determination and I know how passionate he is about is photography from day one. I was able to recognize because I clearly remember Scott Kelby sharing the same advice to me - he said to have patience, keep doing what I do, but, I'd either need one lucky break or a series of lucky breaks, it's not like Tennis when the best play is recognized and chosen.

It's so true put it's pissing me off still that it works like that.

I then sang Lupe Fiasco's song in my head, "If you are what you say you are, a super star, then have no fear, the crowd is here...."

For those who are here for the first time, I'm Dwayne Tucker and I'm a past photographer of ten years; I'm one of those lucky un-lucky fellas with more than one passion and talented in a few areas -- (Jack of all trades!)

A few months ago I decided that I would like to follow my dream to make music....the decision was made because I can express myself more with my voice than I will ever be able to (and survive at the same time) with a camera in my hand.

Thank God for the background of photography because I'm able approach people within a new industry professionally, that I learnt from photography and music is an art so some of the same formats are similar, not a like but similar, for the planning process of everything etc. So yeah it's still a beautiful bitch!

When I stopped photography I had a little buzz creating for my name after years of practicing; what I learnt from photography was what practicing truly meant; I guess it would be best to say I learnt the art of practicing.

Now that I'm in music I'll be trying to apply some of what I learnt and waiting for my lucky break/ series of lucky breaks while creating more content and fighting to create better music. I encourage you to do the same, build a better portfolio, still fight hard as fuck to get your name out, it will be mind draining, you'll feel as if you need more respect but keep on fighting, then fight harder and never give up! Remember to do what???? Remember to keep having fun bitches!!!

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