Photographs of So Serious


So Serious and I met up quickly to make some images. He's super talented, an awesome recording artist from my home country (Bahamas) and the president of Deep East Records.

It was nice going back home to the island and meeting up with the guys I grew up with. All of us are somewhere deep in a creative field. Weird that it turned out that way; it's just the way it is. I'm happy all of us are still hustling hard for what we love. Whether it's music or photography. 

Photographing musicians has been on my mind for some time now. Along with buying a place in California so I can fly there to shoot my musicians from that location. Until then I'm available to jet anywhere. Why add musician photography to my basket? I love both music and photography and I've had mentors tell me about the great pay of working with musicians. Simple. It's going to be an interesting venture to see who I end up working with. I'll always share here on the blog and teach you the things that worked for me in the hustle to getting the gigs. 

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jtrotti said...

love these photos! i definitely need to start getting into musician photography again, its such an amazing combination; pictures & music.

Dwayne Tucker said...

Hey J!

You should! What's that thing I always preach?? Keep On Hustlin'! =}

If you start again make sure keep me posted!

DT. Tha Hustla
Nassau, Bahamas | Miami, Florida