Shoes For A Douchebag?

When was the last time you've spotted a Sperry?

Sperry-Topsiders/ boat shoes should not be identified any longer, solely, as the shoe for a douchebag. However, it should be recognized as the shoe for your feet's comfort fix. The shoes, because of most frat boys' characteristics, are identified, by the younger generation, our generation, as the shoe of a douchebag. I've recently seen them being worn by the asshole/douchebag characters of the Take Me Home Tonight movie (It was an awesome movie).

The same comfortable, durable and fashionable Sperry-Topsider/ boat shoes are my favorite, and the favorite of my friends/ #TeamDT. Playaz / PhotoHustlaz (the people who're down with the Creatively  Hustle or Die movement).

Along with my Nikon, a classy pair of Sperry-Topsiders is a part of my wear-gear for my photo shoots. My logic remains, if you feel good you preform better, and if you preform better you look better; Sperry-Topsiders look and feel great.

The boat shoes shown, that I've photographed, are a sample of the growing collection between my friend (A #TeamDT. Playa and PhotoHustla) Tomas Diego and I.

Whenever you spot a Sperry or if you have boat shoes of your own tweet us a photo @tomasmd and @DwayneTucker along with #TopsiderRider

We've got love for the Sebago-TopsiderRiders as well!


Above is a photograph of my friend Tomas and I and below is a photograph of a Tucker Blair belt along with some boat shoes. I picked up and fell in love with the Tucker Blair's needlepoint belt when I bought a pair of Sperry-Topsiders from their Boca Raton location.

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linda said...

Man what a cool collection of shoes