You have to wait to find the perfect iso, the perfect shutter-speed, and the perfect f-stop. You'll have to wait to photograph for your perfect clients, receive your perfect checks, buy your perfect gear, etc. If you believe this is true, you believe that, time is money and money is time. Patience is waiting, therefore it's time, making it the same as money.

Patience brings frustration and it also has the power to cancel it. Frustration however will always be around for the ones who haven't mastered the art of patience.

Now that I'm done with that complicated shit we all can take a breath!

On the real though.

I had to ask myself, "What the fuck am I rushing for?".
Seriously. I wanted everything, and I wanted everything now. I wanted the respect as a photographer, I wanted the market and I wanted the fans to catch on and say Photographer Dwayne Tucker did that. The somewhat simple truth to everything is that it will be if it were meant to be; if it were meant to be it will find itself. To add to that, it will only find itself if you continue to pursue. I shared that because I've seen some growth as a looked back at the past. I will continue to go further, this time with the art of patience. That statement is the only thing that keeps me pushing along with if I put the work in and continue to hustle.

I started to produce more images (that's good), make more emails (this is all so good), make more phone class and even more images (those are all good). More to the patient for it :)

P.S. I wrote this on my flight a few weeks ago, I wrote it after I whispered to myself, "this can't be life." Today feels no different than yesterday...(That will be a new blog article look out for it.)

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