Today's No Different Than Yesterday...

...Everything is in your mind. Everything is accomplished by a mindset. Take care of 'everything' that you have, because if you don't everything will slowly become 'nothing'.

Everything is an idea, the idea becomes real when you accept today and believe that: Everything is in your mind and everything is accomplished by your mindset.

As I write this I'm sitting in the exact chair I used to sit in (about ten years ago) while I searched "how to videos" on Youtube for Photoshop, browsed images and took mental snapshots of the ones I loved.

Ten years ago as I sat in this chair, I was real as I were ever going to be; at that moment. Ten years (today) I'm as real as I will ever be; at this moment.

Where I'm going with this is that, today is not different than yesterday. Ten years ago when I sat in this chair I wanted to become a better photographer, I wanted to learn more things in Photoshop, I wanted to make more money from my talents...I did all of those; I believed and still believe that everything was in my mind and everything can be accomplished by my mindset.

Ten years later I hope to look back at this and still smile at the hustle. I do expect to go further. Who knows how far I'll go, I don't...all I can do is be patient and continue to hustle.

I'm getting tired writing this it's pissing me off thinking about everything....I just want to let you know that everything that you take from yesterday and bring into today is all that you have...take care of what you have today, take it into tomorrow and enjoy your life :)

P.S. Today's no different than yesterday, tomorrow won't be different than today, the only thing that's different is the development of the idea that you have for how you want to live your life. There are no sequels.

::We Have Fun::

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