For The Young Bahamian Photographer (Part 1)

Independence day for the Bahamas should have been amazing, I've been out of the country but I hope you guys enjoyed it yesterday!

Chances are you started taking photographs of your friends at school like I did; then you fell in love with photography. You got a copy of Photoshop from a friend or waited two days until the free trail downloaded over the slow ass internet out there; nevertheless, you were finally able to see what it was; Photoshop. You stayed up many nights on Youtube and Google looking for tutorials to better your skills and become a master in the program. You started to read blogs and you met friends with in the industry. You borrowed lens, cameras, strobes, perhaps even a few memory cards, all in the name of making a beautiful image to share with your friends.

You're in love with photography now. You decided that it's everything you want. Now it's time to make a living from it...

This series of parts for this post is going to share more inspiration for you, towards networking/photohustling/keeping strong mindset within the conditions you'll face being a photographer in the Bahamas.

Fall 2006 I packed up everything and moved to Savannah, GA to Savannah College of Art and Design for advertising design. It was my first school of choice from 11th grade and I was super excited being accepted and being grated a visa to leave the country for my studies.

September I flew away to a place much bigger than the 21x7 (mile) island we're from with nothing but hope, dreams to accomplish and new people to meet. I was ready for it.

More to come................

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