In Front Of The Lens!

I haven't completely neglected the blog. I appreciate the 45 followers I have here and to the other people that stumbles upon my blog and show me love either my email or via comments!

I've mentioned a few times via the fan page and my Twitter that I will be focusing on my music. Two days ago I did my last Photoshoot (what I think will be my last) with musician Deborah Cox and it was awesome; once again everyone on set had fun because it's what we do, "We Have Fun".

When shooting a celebrity my advice to you is to not try anything random or new on set, stick to what you're used to doing and everything will work out well.

**On To The Music**
The transition from being behind the camera to being in front of the camera is a little different. Hopefully I'll be able to focus on photo shoots of my own and not waste the entire shoot chatting with the photographers. :)

Above are press photos for my new mixtape that drops next Friday, "Somewhat Good Is Okay." and the cover for my single, "Love It, Hate It".

If you want to write about my music and share it with your friends I'd appreciate it feel free to use the images above on your blogs to share good thoughts about my music.

Please enjoy/Here's my SoundCloud link for my single Love It, Hate it by yours truly D.Tucker -

LOVE IT, HATE IT by dtucker

::We Have Fun::

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jtrotti said...

its sad that you won't be shooting anymore :( but at least you're still doing something creative which is great!!

also can i just say I LOVE your album cover, such an awesome photo!