D. Tucker's Performance At Listen - In Bahamas.

Every Thursday at 8:30 p.m. at the Balcony downtown Nassau, Bahamas, a group of talented individuals get together at a spoken-word-poem-reading, open-mic, musician performance called Listen. I learned about Listen earlier in the year when I saw a video of a really good friend of mine / talented singer, Kamilah Gibson's performance at the event on YouTube. Almost a couple months ago now, when I visited the island was my first time visiting Listen. Ever since loosing my Listenginity I've been an nymphomaniac for the show. It made me feel so good knowing it were a group of young Bahamian artist (extremely talented) that put on an amazing show and are dedicated to meeting every Thursday.

Above is a video of a few songs that I preformed from my, Somewhat Good Is Okay Volume 1 mixtape at the Balcony for the show Listen.

D. Tucker
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