Music Collage In Photoshop

Remember when the days were so simple? If you don't, then enjoy them while they are! You'll still enjoy them but things will start to get super busy / hectic but you'll still somewhat enjoy it because you'll still be doing what you love. I said somewhat because it does bring some bullshit along with everything being a creative as well but it's just the way it is. It feels super strange not being in Photoshop everyday like I've been for the past ten years. I'm enjoying the transformation from professional photographer to professional musician; it's all a creative hustle. 

I finished writing SGIVO2, my second mixtape (the first one is here for free download), so I had some free time on my hand and I decided to play around in Photoshop a little. This isn't an award wining piece or a piece to impress you; I were just chilling, listening to SGIVO1 and browsing Tumblr. If I heard a line in the song I searched Tumblr and the very first image I felt worked with the line I threw into my music collage. My goal was to press play from the start of the mixtape and make this collage in one shot without rewinding the music at all.

It was a fun little project that I wanted to share with you. 

D. Tucker 
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