Preparation Is Luck's Soulmate.

 The flyer you read above was sent to me from Miami, Florida's photographer Ace Noguera; Ace also shared the flyer with a bunch of other photographers. The way Ace and I met should be major inspiration for any photographer that struggles with networking - you should NEVER be shy to talk about what you do - be random! Ace and I met a few years ago at a skate shop in Miami, Florida. I was looking for a new skateboard and he walked in with an amazing tattooed sleeve; I got my first set of ink not too long ago so every tattoo I saw at the time amazed me. Other than tattoos, skateboards and great taste in women, Ace and I had another thing in common, photography. He was an up and coming photographer at the time. We exchanged contacts and I shared advice that got me to that point in my photography career; he spoke with passion about his photography and that was enough for me to help.  I'm happy to see him sharing his own advice / motivation materiel to other photographers. Remember we're all artist and we should inspire others / encourage others to hustle hard / photo hustle hard! Hopefully you'll pass this flyer on to a few friends of your own.

Now on to the second part and the point of this blog title!

Preparation Is Luck's Soulmate

When you become lucky and you're prepared, great things happen. The only way to be prepared for luck is to keep on trying to become better at what you do and like the flyer said: DO A LOT OF WORK.

I was asked to photograph RnB singer Deborah Cox for Vain Style Magazine; that photo shoot was also the last one before I paused my title as a professional photographer. A few years prior, I met a model  / stylist from on of my photo shoot sessions, did some photographs for her to use in her portfolio and she was the stylist for the Deborah's photo shoot. I share that because both of us "Fought our way through" to get to the point where we were in our careers so it was super exciting to work with her on that project.

Okay don't bitch at me for running off topic again just now, I got super excited to talk about that and you should be excited reading this inspiration information I'm sharing with you anyway and if you're not....then....anyway I'm going to continue :) (I love you all haha)

The photographs that you see in this post were from my visit to UM's radio station to premiere my Love It Hate It single and two other songs from my, Somewhat Good Is Okay Volume 1 mixtape. Kid Smooth, my DJ / Engineer for / of SGIOV, and I were ready for the lucky opportunity at UM because we've been putting in a ton of work recording and creating songs of quality content to share.

I write all of this to share, no matter what your art may be: painting, photographing, creating music, designing clothing - be ready / prepare yourself because lucks preparation's soul mate therefore they'll find each other when everything is ready. Have faith in your work / be true to your work and your work will be true to you.

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