Question For Your Answers

Okay I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Before I go on my rant mainly for the first timers here, my question to you is? What would you like learn from me? I'm here to inspire / re-inspire photographers around the world to hustle with photography! So in the questions or by email or anyway of contacting me, hit me up and tell me what is it you'd like to learn. I'm thinking I'll be able to help from what worked for me / if I don't know then I'll find out and we'll learn together...(yaaayyyyy!!! - JK!)
Also feel free to write me here at anytime just speak yo mind pimpin!

Okay for those stopping here for the first time welcome; to you none virgins of my content, welcome back! I'm shaking the sand out of my Sperrys.

For the first time comers, many call me Dwayne Tucker (because that's my name), some call me DT. because that's what people in the photography industry called me and some call me D. Tucker because that's what I'm known for in the music industry / (I'm trying to blow up with my music yo! Download my mixtape for free here: Somewhat Good Is Okay Volume 1). I'm a professional photographer, I've been photographing for 10 years....but honestly that don't really mean shit and you'll soon learn to know that. It's all about where you at right now in the game. Remember that. Also understand that it take time to become good at anything, and even more time to become great at it! :)

I'm back here on the blog for a number a reasons. I'm not about to give you no 1. 2. 3. 4. reasons list count so you can pull them out on your own and just know that they are a number of reasons okay. Not many are going to like the way I write, that's unfortunate. If you don't like the way I write then go to a dictionary and have fun there. My content is for the people who don't read too much and find that reading my shit is easy because I speak from the heart and not from the / for the / whatever you want to call it / likeness of people to be like, "Oh that Dwayne is so educated with his words blah blah blah..." Not saying that you want to try me in that area either. In fact I do love words. My most favorite thing to read is 1000 words or more at once; they say a photo is worth 1000 words right? Okay, I hope you're vegitairian cause that there were some real corny shit haha!

Not to state the obvious there aren't many professional photographers that are rappers as well; or any good rappers I'd say (yes I was riding my own magic lamp-pole just now)! But what's important for me doing this, I've been in Miami, Florida the last 3 years and flying back home to my country (Bahamas) and I've notice that I inspired kids not only in Bahamas but in Miami as well to become photographers / artist; many still asked me questions and I respect that because that's how I learnt asking a ton of questions. But, it does get pilled up sometime so I figured if I can answer questions that you ask then if someone asks the same thing I'll be able to point them to what I wrote.

I'm noticing now and you'll notice that I run on a lot and I'm going to try to stick to the point this time but I get mad excited in my mind when I'm writing for you to read this (But can you really blame me? If you do...honestly.....shut the fuck up!)

In another blog post I'll title it Professional Photographer and Rapper and share some interesting information in there for you; from there on I'll be blogging as whenever time permits you can keep checking back daily or whenever but to be honest the best way to keep up is to just follow the blog and get an email from me when I post. Be easy. Remember to have fun! - D. Tucker | Y∆ch†£¡ƒe!

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