Curren$y's Inspiration

Quotes by Curren$y: 

"I'm independent fuck your system I get paid without it." - 

One of the most important reasons why I respect Curren$y is because of this line right here. He's a hustler and shaped his own path in history; a hard worker. He's also good with using the web so that's something in common with my movement. I didn't know much about Curren$y back when he were with No Limit and Young Money but that changed a couple years ago when I started following his music and his movement. His JETS movement motivated me to make my YACHTLIFE (Young. Ambitious. Creative. High-standard. Talented. Lifestyle.) brand as well; it only made sense to brand my community for the things we believe in; with that said Shout-out if you're a Jet and Shout-out to my YachtLife Fam! 

When I first learned about him , he were just this guy by the name of SPITTA and I was like wtf - haha!

Here's the story why: Many people (online) started to read about my name as Dwayne Tucker the photographer, when I was younger, before photography I used to rap and I went by the name -SPITTA-, it was only until up to a few years ago or so that I started going by the name D. Tucker, and Curren$y a.k.a. the Hot SPITTA had a lot to do with it. I weren't about to fuck with the legend's name. I know other people out there have the name as Dwayne and other people probably share your name as well. Curren$y shaped the name the way he wanted to, I respect it therefore I wasn't about to and I weren't about to be sitting down in my interviews battling / bickering about why my name's SPITTA as well. 

Besides, now you all know if you didn't know, "It's D. Tucker Motha ______!" 

However, the story behind my name as -SPITTA-: When I were a kid my father (before he passed away) used to go by the name SPITA (with one T); I called him that because he sang R&B music a lot. I decided to go by the name SPITTA (with two T's) like the roman II because I were Dwayne Tucker II so it made sense to make my music name SPITTA. I started to focus on my photography career until summer 2011 when I left photography of 10 years to leave my history within the music industry as D. Tucker. I'm more true to my music now than I were then so I'm going by D. Tucker, my name.

More quotes that help Curren$y inspire me, 

"This is a scary movie I'm in, but I do it for my folk who genuinely want me to win." 

"ODD number, you are not EVEN, on my level" - 

This quote for his word play. Amazing.

Above all though, I respect Curren$y / he inspired me because he keep it organic and share the stories throughout his much for the way they are; I haven't met him personally yet but if he's the way his music make him to be, I'll forever respect the G. 

::Musician Inspiration's:: - This addition to my We Have Fun blog is to show my respect / share the musicians I've looked up to because they've inspired me in some way or another. Before I were a professional photographer, I were inspired by other professionals, later in my career I started to meet the people I read about and ended up collaborating with many of them. Summer 2011 I decided to pause my photography as a profession to continue / pursue my childhood dream / make a name for myself as a musician to share my music the world inspiring others to do what they want, when it feels right, if they love it.

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Nice write up! I got some info from that. Spitta is a g fo suree.