Dear Misha,

Dear Misha,

I'm hoping me writing a letter to you publicly make you a little embarrassed. However, I'm also hoping it make you smile a little. It is super easy for me to send you a text or a lame phone call to tell you I miss you, after not seeing you / talking to you, in what feel like forever; so I decided to show you that I miss you this way.

If I were given the option to choose one lady on earth to be the official spokeswoman for my movement, Young. Ambitious. Creative. High-standard. Talented. Lifestyle. (a.k.a YachtLife), I would choose Misha.

Almost exactly one year ago this photograph of Misha and I was taken. Reflecting from now to then, both of us accomplished so much, and both of us are still in the hustle to accomplishing more.

This year Misha introduced her haute-couture-womenswear brand titled, ByMisha, ( to the world. I'm super happy for her! From I met Misha a few years ago, she have been working non-stop to get her designs the way it represent the brand; everything she described to me about her designs in the pre-production stage is on point! It's because of a few key reasons why I have high-belief Misha will be known as one of the worlds best womenswear designer: She's super talented, focused / her work ethic is impeccable and she's one of the nicest ladies you'll ever meet in your life if you meet her.

After photographing R&B singer Deborah Cox in the Summer I paused my titled as a professional photographer to pursue my childhood dream / a career within the music industry and I released my first mixtape (Somewhat Good Is Okay Volume 1) to the world. Earlier in the year I told Misha about what I were going to do, and from then I had her full support.

I've been in and out of Miami while recording volume 1 of the mixtape and as I write this I'm away again, as I write volume 2 of my mixtape. Even though there are twitter, facebook, cell-phones and Skype to keep in touch with your love ones, the downside of our operation is that the personal-reality-social life interaction is lessened.

 Misha, even though the weather is perfect out here in the Bahamas for winter and the body of water that I'm looking at look super beautiful with the moon light on it, as I write you this letter, it will never amount to when I hug you and see you smile every time we reconnect; I'm hoping it will be sooner than soon.

D. Tucker