Marco's Pizza Bahamas

I give credit when it's deserved. Marco's Pizza, quality and service, as of this date, is the best in the Bahamas.

While out in Bahamas working on content for SGIOV2 (Somewhat Good Is Okay Volume 2 - drops Feb 1st, 2012) I've been ordering a lot of pizza from Marco's Pizza!

I'm sharing this on my blog because I'm really pleased with their service. I'd make a call, get a welcoming greeting, usually from a lady with a nice attitude, flirt around with her for a bit to see if I could get a free pizza (it never worked), a few minutes later the driver calls for directions (I start and never have to finish because they already used to my location.), when the good reaches, the pizza is never cold, the cheese stretches as I pull the slices, I save what I don't finish, get back to writing, then about an hour later eat whatever slices are left.

If you want good pizza and you're in Bahamas I recommend giving them a try.

I weren't paid to write this about them, neither paid to photograph for them. I'm sharing as a fan of their quality because quality never fails to impress me.

D. Tucker

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