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I recently did a track over Jay-z and Kanye West's track titled, New Day. As I grow with my music you'll hear about the good things in my life because the good times are to be shared and people are inspired by good things...

They say all you can do is take a horse to the water but can't make the horse drink it. It's not regular that I do tracks like this one...I prefer not to because writing a verse like the one shared make me upset while writing / discussing them for personal reasons, but, it's hard not to do the tracks because the messages are to be shared with those and put out for those who need to hear it. If you want to inspire someone that needs this track share it with them and hope justice get done.

When I was a full time professional photographer, I studied new ways to express what I want the views to feel. Now that I'm a full time alternative rap / hip-hop musician I'm using the same method of, always learning, being creative and striving to be better. The striving to be better part is not only for my arts it's also as a person. Figuring out, by living and doing, failing, failing and strategizing from my mistakes in order to become a wiser person / for me to understand me a lot more and what I'm capable of doing. They say, you can choose who you want to become by going after what you want to become. The trick to it is not to look, but to use what you have and grow...okay let's jump off of my small emotional violin talk and move the fuck on yeah?

From here on I'll share the lyrics withe the track for you to read then below you can play the song from the embedded YouTube link at the bottom of the post; press play and enjoy.

Jay-z feat Kanye West - New Day (D. Tucker) Lyrics:

This is a black tie event I call it luxury rap,
I'm so tired and sick,
sick and tired of the crap,
sick and tired of the shit,
yeah that's it,
no filtering, like bad joints,
I hope the message in these lyrics
gets your joints moving,
get your head nodding,
get your head bobbing,
until it falls off,
put a new one on it,
put your middle fingers up and say fuck your old life if you're not living right,
and don't give me that bull shit but I'm just on my hood shit.
It's time to put the hood where the trunks at,
I'm talking porsches,
I'm talking posh,
I'm talking porches,
with the ocean in your view with your girl in the room with her feet up watching Whoopie on the view and yeah the world will honor you, but it's on to you,
to make it better for yourself, to build your wealth, I heard Pharrell once said in an interview, that wealth's in your mind and your heart, not in your pocket,
do something,
be something,
create something,
show the whole fucking world that you are something,
fathers, it's now time to be fathers to your sons,
mothers, be mothers to your daughters,
and I don't have a kid yet but I'm looking from the outside in,
I know this is some shit,
that some would say that this' some shit without no assumption,
and that there be some dumb shit,
that some would say that this' some shit without no assumption,
let me ask yall something,
Tu Familia" aint familiar?
When was the last time,
Tu Abuelo,
Tu Abuela,
Tu Mama,
Tu Papa,
Tu Tio,
Tu Tia,
Tu Hermana,
Tu Hermano,
Sat down and ate supper mother fuckers?

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