A New Venture Under My Belt

To Download The Song And Read The Lyrics for Last Night, Click Here.

With the help of Refine Grind, YachtLife fans / the people that believe in me and my statement, ethics and excellence for achievements, as of today (February 2nd, 2012), my first music video, for the track, Love It Hate It, from the, Somewhat Good Is Okay Volume 1 mixtape got some buzz around the internet. Thank you for your support, know that's appreciated and I encourage you to always keep it YachtLife!

The video above is also a track from the SGIOV1 mixtape.

When I got my Nikon D300's I was excited because it has the option of creating video. Being in the creative-loop, I met a lot of videographers and was always amazed by what they are capable of doing with video. I knew when I ventured off to expose myself as an alternative rap / hip-hop artist I would need music videos for my songs. Currently I'm working on my second mixtape SGIOV2. Last week when I recorded and edited the video above, I was in my last stage of recovery mode from being sick with the flu (I think it was something going around in Florida; I'm better now though). I got a copy of Final Cut Pro, watched a few YouTube videos on how to use the program then gave it a shot and created the visual for Last Night.

I treated the project with the same production process as I offered my photography clients: Pre-production, Production and Post-Production. It's the best way / the easiest way to make your workflow work for you.

I told myself, "Show what the song is talking about." The song is talking about an amazing night that I had. It's simple and to the point; that night was really an amazing one and I wrote a song about it! Simple right.

The result is the video you see above where I mixed video with my photography. Please share it with your friends on your Facebook and while you're at it give my page a like on Facebook and share that as well please! - http://facebook.com/242dt

I'm off to the studio to finish work on Somewhat Good Is Okay Volume 2 now; this road is a long one a head of me but I know where I would like to be, I made my passion my profession and said fuck it make happen. Thank you to the people that will support me and a Ron Jeremy dick fuck you to the people that won't. With all of that said, it's all one love. - D. Tucker #YachtLife That's All Playa!