New Facebook Fan Page Photo

Updated the visual for my fanpage. (

That's the link up there for you to go to and hit the fucking like button support my music please. Why? Because I'll inspire your ass to live the way you want to live without giving flying fuck about what others say or think. We only live life once, so words of my hometeam-playa Suburb-PAT, if you living life you might as well YACHT it! (P.S. I'm one of the few artist actually using the fanpage so you'll see me update as much as I can...I'm never trying to come across as I'm to important or don't have enough time to enjoy life and reach out to the people supporting me you feel me!)

A lot is going on in the visual:

In the D. Tucker type the colors represent my home country Bahamas. On the snappy, is the Heat logo representing my second home that I hold it down for, Miami, Florida! To the top right are the covers / artwork for Somewhat Good Is Okay Volume 1 and Somewhat Good Is Okay Volume 2. Finally, at the bottom is the call to action for you to take your ass over to and get my music so you could listen to my art.

Updates will be here on the blog for the new release date for SGIOV2 so subscribe to the blog and keep updated with everything. Subscription is free so don't be a bitch about it, just hit the button and upgrade your life and start fucking with a real G!

D. Tucker
Nassau, Bahamas | Miami, Florida | YachtLife