Camera and a Kayak

My good friend Kevin Fleming, and writer of the blog, wrote an article that inspired me to share this photo post of my adventure, kayaking in the Bahamas. Kevin's article was about routines that helps him succeed further as a serial entrepreneur. He shared a few pointers that helps him balance his lifestyle, in order to succeed, further, at being successful. 

The article also inspired my next article that will be sharing pointers/ going into detail sections of my operation as a photographer; the things I do to help me succeed further/ motivate my hustle. I hope you'll find my second article interesting, inspiring and motivating for you to continue hustling and exploring new ways for stacking and relaxing. You know how we do #TeamDT. We Hustle Hard and We Have Fun! 

At the end of the article he asked a question and I'm asking you, my readers - the TeamDT. players/ my top-sider riders/ my PhotoHustlaz the same, "Do you have a routine that you use to manage your life and daily workload?"

 I like to go on Photo Walks or little exploration adventures like these ones to escape/ avoid becoming overwhelm. 

Climb down the ladder with me and let's explore this canal with my camera and kayak. 

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Kevin said...

Great post, love how the photos are in sequence and tell a story.

Dwayne Tucker said...

Thanks Kevin! I'm glad you enjoyed it! You post you wrote inspired me to share this adventure via photographs and share how prevent becoming overwhelm.


Second Wind photography said...

Dear Dwayne,

Your comment surprise me, because it was different fromm the comments I usually recieve. I really appreciate that you looked my pictres both on my blog and on my portfolio, I felt really happy when I read that. I really want to thank you for your kindly support!!!

I had a look to your pictures, and I love your style! They are different from other pictures I saw arround the web. I like them! Love the composition as well as the colors!

Keep up your photography work! ^^

Thank you again

Dwayne Tucker said...

Thank you for you compliments as well Lucia! You said my magic word, composition; I'll keep on pushing with my work and I want you to do the same; keep on hustlin'! Thank you for stopping by!


joão pestana said...

hey there, thank you for the cool comment and yes i speak english! but you really don't need to understand any language at all to understand a photograph, and that is the beauty of it!

i really like the low contrast feel you put into your photographs, specially how this set turned out. i can see by the lens cap that you're also a nikon man! always keep on capturing every moment.