A Sunny Boating Night

So many memories. The wind blew into my eyes, and the afternoon heat warmed my skin, as the night took the day away from our eyes. It was all fun until the mosquitos came out! However, I've got a feeling my skin will become used to those blood suckers again.

I've been flying in and out of the Bahamas ever since I've left after graduation in 2006. My stays have grown short, until recent, because I've been booking more gigs to photograph for the fishing community. The first was to shoot baseball player Johnny Damon for a celebrity comedy fishing show, about six months ago. It was a blast; being on the water with great people made me feel like a kid again.

These photographs of moments from that night, takes you into an afternoon of my childhood lifestyle. Somedays after school, and most evenings of the summer, my friends and I took the boats out to sea to photograph. In the Bahamas, the water is all we have, we spent most of our time on the water; it's how we had fun. I feel fortunate, blessed and I'm thankful that I can still photograph on the water with friends as a part of my career. The best feeling is doing something that you love for work.

The power of photography is so amazing to me; you weren't there but my photographs takes you there, I hope you truly enjoy them. It's possible for you to do the same; my only advice to you remains the same: to hustle hard with your photography! If you love it then stick with it as I did. You'll be surprised to know how far it will take you. I'm still astonished of the great things my photography continues to do for me.

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