Somethin' Bonefishy

Andros, Bahamas' Mount Pleasant Fishing Lodge asked me to photograph for them. The task was simple; my project was to photograph images that illustrates a fishing experience at the lodge via still photography. Now that the project is done, their potential clients are able to see what a fishing trip is like at Mt. Pleasant Fishing Lodge. They also asked me to capture images for print advertising. The photograph above and the photographs below are images I photographed for you, my blog readers, showing you the early morning travels from the car, plane to an island, an island to a plane, to a taxi, to a boat all to photograph one project. The images shows you a sample of my trip and allows you to shadow my assistant and I getting to, and finishing a project for Mt. Pleasant Fishing Lodge. At the very end of the post are final products for the lodge's advertising. (Click the link if you'd like to sample a Mt. Pleasant Fishing Lodge Fishing Trip Experience.)

 Shout-out to all of my #TeamDT. players shooting their shots wearing Sperry Top-siders! They are my favorite shoes to hustle in because they are comfortable and classy. Get you some foo'! This wont be the first time you spot a Sperry on the blog!

From 11th grade (2005) I've been exploring the world of advertising and the mind of David Ogilvy. I started my photography because I liked the photography I saw used in advertisements. I still get excited browsing advertising photography (I usually browse I'm more excited now that we are producing advertising photography of our own; PFYDT. and #TeamDT. standup! 

If you are a young photographer out there, or a TeamDT. player reader, or a PhotoHustla, here are few tips for you how I handle photography deals to make the process of making these images easier (remember the goal is to work and have fun and not work and be stressed/bored). I operate in three production stages. Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production (follow this blog and you'll notice that I'll be mentioning these a lot); I'll explore the topics briefly for you.

Pre-Production: Plan with the client the objectives via proposals and contracts. Do your personal planning what gear you'll use, how will you get to the location, who will you take, what will you need etc.

Production: This is the actual shoot, stick to the objective/ photo-brief; make-sure you get what the client wants and experiment with your own ideas after the goals are met. Most important to making great photos - have fun. The day go by better when the clients and production members feels your positive energy. It's something's bothering you before the shoot put it in the FTSB (Funk-That-Shyt-box).

Post-Production: Here's where you do your editing and delivery, make sure everything you've proposed is completed. Here is where you want to make your client smile.

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