GG - A Friend and Painter

GG is an awesome friend and painter living in Miami. I've photographed him a few times for personal portraits, press-release etc. These are some new images of GG for the new blog.

GG's always pushing and striving to become better at what he does; he along with my other friend Greg (another painter, from London in Miami). We're workaholics because we love doing what we do. The three of us feeds off of each others energy, passion and desire to grow within out industries. Surround yourself with great company is something you want to start/ continue doing; don't forget to have fun either! That's my best advice to you.

Do you have people you surround yourself with that motivates you and wants you to improve?

I hope you enjoy these photographs of my friend. I became a collector of his work, I own a few pieces for my condo; if you want to see his paintings visit: GGArtwork


jtrotti said...

i love the second photo and the one with the mannequin! so cool :D

Dwayne Tucker said...

Hey J,

Thx for that comment, the second photograph the paint is under-construction and I have the crane in the bg; I saw it from his window studio and asked him to go on the roof with a piece of artwork that isn't finished then pow :)


Alexandra said...

You're right, it is so important to surround yourself with like minded, inspired, passionate people. Love the photos, love the company.

Dwayne Tucker said...


Thank you visiting my website and commenting, I'm glad you love the photos. It something we must all do keep good people around us at all time.

BTW - I took a look at your website as well, well your blogger first then client a banner to transfer to your new site, you make some beautiful photographs as well; keep up the good work.

Again, thx for stopping by, I hope to enjoy more of your comments here on the blog!

Until Then,
We Have Fun

Olga Briceno said...

I love my boys. So proud of you and GG!!!

Dwayne Tucker said...


You left me smiling! We love you as well!