The Good Life Miami (TGLMIA)

 The Good Life Miami a.k.a TGLMIA is a clothing line based in Miami, Florida. I was asked to photograph the brand a few months ago and the images would be used around the web / their facebook and for the brand's new look book. I took up the offer because of a few reasons: I heard a lot good news from friends about this up rising brand in Miami before hand and the guys who run the brand and their team are a gentlemen / businessmen / young hustlers like myself. It was awesome working with them and you already know, "We Had Fun!" cause that's what we do, "We Have Fun!" :)

Awesome results are the outcome when you work along with like minded people. It's something I did when I took on photo shoots like these and it's still something I do when I work with people now in the music industry. It's all about networking, but networking with the right people that share the same vision.

I hope you enjoy the photographs and I hope they inspire you to go out have some fun and make some images. I also want you to take a stop to their website: and check out some of their clothing (P.S. I just got word that they have some raw new snap-backs so yall look out for them and I already told my photographer he'll be making some portraits of me with the snap-backs when I get a hold of them!)

Until next Playaz!

We Have Fun | YachtLife,
D. Tucker