An Artist "Get Better" Kit...

Well it's flu season here in Miami again and....I just happened to get a bit of it! So many people in this little-big city it's almost was expected; a few of my friends got sick, I stayed away from them but the little bug managed to take a kayak vacation in my blood stream! Damit.

The photograph above - My getter better kit for you...seriously.

I found my get better method a few years ago when I started to travel heavily by myself. There's nothing worst than having to go to a remote location by yourself and find yourself sick...blah. Not good.

The pillow represents the most important thing - you must rest/relax; don't run your body down, the rest is important. For me this is always the hardest part because I try to tell my mind that I'm not sick so I can feel better but naw don't bullshit yourself like I do sometimes. Get the rest. (I'll be going back to bed after I publish this.)

Tylenol is a must in my medicine kit (along with orange juice - I forgot to photograph the juice in here but please don't buy that concentrated shit!)

The hoodie and socks - dress warm. Your body might feel as if it's too hot, then too cold, then hot again but hell with it keep warm don't listen to your mind at this point; if you're like me I know you'll probably be miserable with the world at this point. Again, just rest.

Finally, the know I had to plug them in here...they are just incase you have to make a quick run to the store to re-up on that Campbell's chicken noodle soup, just because your sick doesn't mean your feet shouldn't feel super comfortable on the run!

Until next time....

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jtrotti said...

ahh im sick as well and it completely sucks! the only good thing is being able to lay in bed all day and not feel guilty. oh and also wearing hoodies :)

get better soon!

Dwayne Tucker said...

You too Julia! I thought you would be better by now!!! You've been sick for a few weeks now! :( I hope mine goes away soon. I'm up right now because I've been sleeping all day but hell with it I guess I should just read a little more I tired going back to bed but it aint working. I'll read until I fall asleep!

Haha stay warm and edit when you can't shoot! :)