Bahama Day Coolin'...

"Sometimes you just need to be around your people..." A lady in the other room just said that and I figured it would be a good way to dive into this blog post.

It's a beautiful Sunday in Bahamas and in a bit I'll go snorkeling with a few friends. It's always good returning to days like these.

"I wanted to live my life as a vacation; therefore, I made my job one." - DT.
I think when people see photographs like those and match my quote they get the wrong idea...a bit...days are awesome..but this is possible because the drive to hustle is a blessing.

The past few days I've been non-stop, little sleep, making sure our visuals were as perfect as possible for the event. Last night we had a great outcome to our H4H (Hands For Hunger) Paradise Plates 2011 event. The support our charity is getting excites me. Thanks to our sponsors, you've made the night possible and a special to two of our major sponsors, New Providence Development Company Limited and Tommy Hilfiger.

Sometime this week I'll be posting a few snap shots of the event to my facebook fan page.
(See links at the bottom of the post.)

It is so HOT over here right now! It scares me a bit because I've been fixing my summer's schedule to photograph projects on locations of the Out Islands of the Bahamas. Now that the event is over and done with, the rest of my days will be meetings for fishing photography/ Out Island community development project. I'm excited about the meetings because I'll beable to share with you more tips for you to continue you and enhance your PhotoHustlin'!
Thanks for passing by the blog! Until next time...

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LucĂ­a Rolo said...

You said you'd love to be at my locations??? WTFFFFF???
pleasee!! Let's change places now!

Right now I'm beyond jelous.

Dwayne Tucker said...

haha your spot looked amazing though. May not trade we'll just borrow for the time being :P

It's a must that you visit out here sometime will I know it! :)