Don't Be A Bitch About It...

That's me this morning after having my photographs rejected by one of my biggest clients thus far. I snapped this photo using photo booth directly after we ended the call. (I'm now noticing my shirt is on backwards. I have to learn how to function like a human again. I've been editing this clients project non stop for the past few days before I fly again this weekend.) Not a good morning. Our post-production usually take about three-four weeks before we deliver our clients products. We haven't been shooting much cliental lately, because we have a ton of organizing to do to take our business to the next level. If goes as plan, I'm looking forward to an exciting/ busy summer of shooting. I can only hope that it goes that way, we've already seen what can happen when things don't go our way, but hey...learn from it, don't be a bitch about it.

As a man, we know how to handle rejection. We see a lady, we try to show her she's beautiful and she tells us to piss off. What do we do? We go on to the next one. You don't waste your time analyzing why she wasn't interested in you; if so you're only wasting more time. You are who you are. What you should do is, focus on the things that make you, you; focus on what you want the people to perceive you as and be about it. The right one(s) will come along someday. It's like fishing, you've got to wait. When you find the right location/ when you start using the right bait (or other methods to capture your fish) you'll attract tons of fish, making you a better businessman/sports-fisherman.

In business my locations are perfect, the bait seems to work, however, the fish the bites manages to wiggle off of the hook.

From here on I'll be diving into the water with my fucking spare gun! I'm coming for you.

I wish not to mention the name of my client because not only will it be bad business, it will also be free advertising; no can do.

...You handled rejection like a pro.
I love your energy and passion for your craft. Those are the two most important ingredients to success, experience being the 3rd.
The 1st 2 are gifts, the 3rd is earned through doing..."


Everyone's not going to like your work. As I replied to my client, I focus on providing the best quality that I can deliver and I did that. The client didn't like it so what am I to do, give up on the last nine years of my journey. No, I'll just keep on shooting more to keep on getting better. To add to this, I've been a pro at this therefore I knew how a pro should handle rejection. You win some you loose some, it's the life and death factor of this business war game we play. However, to dilute that rejection puddle/ to have a stronger hook/ to bring more fishes on board to stop my family's hunger, I'll be throwing stronger hooks, teaching my passengers on board (ofc they wear Sperry - #Shoutout to my Topsider Riders a.k.a. Big Yacht Gang - We Wear Sperry) how to wheel the fishes in as I dive into the internets vast sea of clients with a net and spear gun.

P.S. I said don't be a bitch about it and here I am not being a bitch about it but I'm bitching about it. Only to help motivate you when you come across the things that have happened to me. Never stop your hustle. Go harder.



Josephine said...

well i love yout work and i would love to maybe feature you in a post on my new upcoming site. check me out here and maybe submit some work?

Dwayne Tucker said...

Hey Josephine!
I'll take a look at the link.

Thank you for your comments :)