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The first time my stepfather took me fishing we went to a dock in my hometown (Nassau, Bahamas). Years later I remember the day as if it were yesterday. He showed me techniques how to bait my rod and throw the perfect cast to catch a fish. I dove into love with fishing and I’m still in love with it to this day. As a teenager I discovered photography; nine years later I’m a professional commercial lifestyle and sports advertising photographer. It wasn’t until I’ve been asked to photograph within the fishing community that reconnected my love with fishing. A few websites I referred to help me complete this on going series of fishing photography tips tips for you are: The Beginner's Guide to Better Fishing Photography, Ten Ways to Improve Your Fly Fishing Photography, Romano: More Fly Fishing Photography Tips, Find the Best Fishing Blogs

     Anglers and photographers, we agree there are two photos that are normally taken on fishing trips, photos of the catch and photos of the scenery. These articles are not for those seeking technical photography tips or what camera to buy/ what camera you should be using.

It is my guide to making a great photo-story using whatever camera you have to make the image. I’ll guide you, and share what things that I found helpful from previous fishing experiences.

My goal here is to help you transform your pictures from snapshots to beautifully composed storytellers. These articles are to be shared amongst your friends and the people you invite on your fishing trips with cameras in their tackle boxes.

 I’ll be using images I  photographed on my last two fishing trips to cast these articles and throughout the series I'll keep you posted with new images from my future trips. The first trip I was asked to photograph Johnny Damon’s fishing trip experience for a celebrity comedy fishing show. The second trip was to illustrate a fishing experience, for Mount Pleasant Fishing Lodge in Andros, Bahamas.

More to come...

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