A Happy Ending...

Beautiful colors, traditional music and great vibes filled the room when,
Hands For Hunger's, Paradise Plates 2011 closed with some good ol' Junkanoo.

I was operating on forty minutes of sleep for 1.5 days; both my camera's batteries and myself were on our way out. Despite that, no matter how tired a person may be, the bass from that Bahamian Junkaoo rhythm will liven you up. Unfortunately the music did nothing for my batteries.

I had to learn quickly had to maneuver through the wave of this group in order to get these photographs. The group rushed through the doors swing those huge drums and large costumes making my D300's with the battery-pack, 14-24mm lens and SB-900 attached look like a little mosquito passing through. Not an annoying mosquito though, just one that quickly flu from person to person then back again to person to person in order capture images shown above.

::We Have Fun::

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PMD said...

The colors in these images are so vivid and bold, nice work DT.