Tenba Camera Bag

Whenever I make a purchase, I look for two things value and quality. Some may argue that TENBA camera bags are expensive. They are on the pricier end of the graph, however, they're worth every penny. For me, the bags are designed well (durable) to protect the expensive gear fills it up.

We love to photograph on location; this summer will require a number of flights, therefore a number of airports, so I decided to purchase the one with wheels.

The bag has the ability to transform from travel luggage to book-bag/backpack straps. The padding makes the bag feel comfortable on my back, the lower strap for my waist takes the pressure off of my shoulders. I love the option of transforming into this format because it take me out of airport geek mode and make the bag perfect for me to hike with while scouting a location.

On both sides of the bag there are two pockets. So far the two side pockets became the perfect home to my headsets, and chargers for my laptops and cell phone. The front pocket/compartment shown on the first photograph, holds space for my tripod and in there is also a weather protector; like a little raincoat for the bag.

There's the space for my camera gear. The bag is prefect to hold my camera bodies, lens, hard-drives, SanDisk memory cards, and beneath it there's space that holds my 13" and 17" MacBook Pros.

If you are in need of a new camera bag and you want one that's durable and top quality I recommend investing in a camera bag by TENBA. It works for me and it makes traveling with my gear much easier.

(Out of the plane on my way to the Bahamas.)
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Julia said...

thanks for your kind comment on my blog!
oh yeah, I need a camery bag, too.